Summer In Tokyo

"Mushi-atsui", so could have been named this track, so much this season's hot and muggy atmoshpere that this expression designates emanates from this composition. During Tokyo’s summer, people’s feet get heavy, activity slows down. The city slightly loses its otherwise crazy pace. If conditioned air inside does revigorate everybody, eventually, those repeated changes in temperature and humidity are tiring for the body. Some still find the necessary energy for an “odori-matsuri”, a traditional dance show. “Hanabi” (fireworks), are them more restful. Apart from those events, Japanese summer is also marked by the so particular chirp of the cicadas. 

Well, this season, as an “onsen” (hotspring), puts us in a very drowsy and floaty condition. It seems that Kyoto is even hotter than Tokyo in summer, a true "gas onsen"! I’m becoming delirious!

Inspirations : Moby, Fatboy Slim

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A "kakigoori" to quench your thirst? Yes, but it burns your lips...

A quieter "hanabi"? Seen from here, yes, but over there, it must be crowded...